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1. Rental agreement

Rental Agreements are to be filled in at date and time of delivery and return. No refunds are applicable if the vehicle has been returned before the agreed date. If the renter returns the vehicle after the date stipulated in the rental agreement, the days exceeded must be paid. If the vehicle is not returned on the agreed date, the rental company will communicate with the authorities. If the renter drives the vehicle after the expired date, then, all clauses agreed in the contract will be cancelled, leaving the driver responsible for all damages that the vehicle could suffer. If the vehicle is returned to any other rental location other than the agreed location, recovery costs will be 20 euros. The person who rents a transport vehicle and uses it as a PUBLIC SERVICE, must request the transport card for the rented vehicle. The renter will be responsible for any penalty or fine without such authorization.

2. Fuel

The cost of fuel and refueling service will be at the costumers expense. If the vehicle is not returned with the same level of fuel, the customer will be charged an extra 15 euros for that refueling service. Cost of repairing the vehicle will be at costumers expense if the vehicle is refueled with a low cost fuel.

3. Insurance

All the vehicles have insurance with excess of 400 euros + IVA (Except I, J, K, Z, Z3, Z4 and Z5 groups that the franchise is 500 + IVA). Damages of glass, wheels or any other damage inside the vehicle are excluded from the damage cover. We have available insurance to cover glass and wheels (LU+NE). The insurance does not cover: theft, fire, damage under the vehicle, burns inside the vehicle or seats, returning the car very dirty, as well as the wrong use of the vehicle. We have available fully comprehensive insurances without excess for cars and monovans (CDW+PLUS). The price depends on the kind of vehicle and the length of the rental. Full insurance cover damage of bodywork, wheels and glass. The insurance does not cover: robbery, fire and damage under the vehicle. In the event of an accident, you must fill out a complete accident report and immediately inform us before 24 hours. If at the moment of the accident you have any doubt about who is to blame in the accident, you must call the police or 112.

4. Breakdown Assistance

For the length of the rental, there is the benefit, at no extra cost, of Breakdown Assistance Service if required. The assistance and the substitute vehicle will not cover the merchandise that the vehicle could have in any case.

5. Use of the vehicle

The vehicle must be driven in Spain, except Baleares, Canarias, Ceuta y Melilla. If you wish to take the vehicle outside the country of rental, it is necessary to obtain prior written consent.

6. Vehicle

You must inform us if any of the instrument panel warning lights light up, which are intended to indicate the existence of a mechanical problem. it is prohibited to manipulate the engine. Furtherore, there could be a charge of 18 euros + IVA if the car is returned very dirty and 45 euros + IVA if the upholstery is also dirty.

7. Drivers

Drivers must be more than 25 years old and have a full driving license with more than three years driving experience. In particular, drivers that are not allowed on the rental agreement or that use the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other type of narcotic substances will be reponsible of any damages that the vehicle could suffer, the days of standstill and all the rental agreement will be cancelled.

8. Fines

The renter is liable for all fees, taxes, fines and penalties incurred in connection with the use of the vehicle, unless the fault has arisen due to our error

9. Terms of payment.

Payments by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) NOT American Express. Any other form of payment must be pre­authorized.

10. Airport, Railway Station and Ave.

If delivery and collection is to Alicante Airport or Alicante train station, the renter is to pay a supplement of € 15 for delivery and € 15 for collection when rental is less than 4 days.

11. No charge for:

Aditional driver in the rental agreement. Driver identificantion, in a case of a fine. Managements of accident report.