Rental terms and conditions

1. Contract

The vehicle must be picked up and returned on the date and time specified in the contract. Under no circumstances will the money be returned due to an early return of the vehicle. In the event that the vehicle was returned later than the deadline set in the contract, the client will be charged for the days after the deadline. If the vehicle is not returned on the agreed date, the authorities will be notified. Driving without a valid contract will void all the conditions agreed upon in the contract. In such a case, the renter or the driver will be liable for any vehicle damages. In the event that the vehicle is picked up and returned in different offices, the renter will be charged with 25 € for transportation expenses. If the client rents a goods vehicle and his activity is a PUBLIC SERVICE, it is compulsory that the company or the freelance asks for the goods vehicle licence for the rented vehicle. If the client does not have this licence, he will be liable for any sanction or fine imposed for not having it.

2. Booking

The vehicle of this booking is not conditioned to a brand or model, deliver to the client withing de group booked available, being of equal features or top model, accepting these conditions.

3. Fuel

The vehicle must be returned with the same amount of fuel that it had when the client picked it up. Otherwise, the client will be charged with the fuel price and 15 additional euros for the refuelling service. The renter will be liable for any damages if the vehicle breaks down and the reason is proved to be the use of low-quality or low-cost fuel.

4. Excess and insurance

The vehicles whose group is between A and H1 (included) and between P and V, have an excess of 400 € + VAT; groups between I and K, and between V1 and Z5 have an excess of 500 € + VAT. This excess includes tyres and windows. The client can also pay for an insurance policy called Franquicia Plus, which will cover the same as the other excesses EXCLUDING tyres, damages in the underside of the vehicle, theft and fire. The conditions hereof specified also apply when the vehicle is not being used.

In the event of an accident, the renter must sign an agreed statement of facts on motor vehicle accident and notify the car rental company in less than 24 hours. If the drivers do not agree on who is at fault in the accident, they should contact the COMPETENT AUTHORITIES (091) or the EMERGENCIES number (112) in order to solve the problem.

The renter will be liable for any accident or misuse produced in the days when the vehicle is immobilised, as long as he is at fault.

5. Roadside assistance

The company has an assistance policy that provides roadside assistance for its vehicles and its occupants. Under no circumstances will the assistance be liable for neither the transported goods nor the replacement of the vehicle.

6. Use of the vehicle

The rental of the vehicle is solely and exclusively to circulate in national territory. If you wish to rent the vehicle to drive outside national territory, the company must expressly authorize the lessee, through an annex to the contract, signed and sealed by the same (company).

7. Rented vehicle

In case of a mechanical breakdown, it is strictly forbidden for the renter to do any kind of repairs to the vehicle. In such a case, the renter must contact the company so that it authorises the repairs. If the vehicle is returned excessively dirty, the client will be charged with a minimum of 18 € + VAT, and a minimum of 45 € + VAT if the upholstery is too dirty.

The company will not be liable for any belongings lost or forgotten inside the vehicle.

8. Drivers

They must be over 25 years old and have their driving licence for over a period of 3 years. In the event of an accident, if the driver is not authorized by contract to drive that vehicle, or he is under the effects of alcohol or drugs, this person will be completely liable for all the damages and the immobilisation of the vehicle, not taking into account what was agreed in the contract regarding this issue.

9. Sanctions

In the event of fines and sanctions, the company will notify the identity of the driver that was fined to the authorities. The client will not be charged for management costs in the first sanction.

10. Payments.

The client can pay for the service either by Visa or Mastercard credit card (American Express is not allowed). The company will be authorised to charge on the client’s debit or credit card the corresponding amount to the damages or days that have not been paid.

11. Airports and Renfe train stations (AVE included)

If the client rents a car in the Alicante Airport, in Renfe stations [AVE (high-speed train) included] for a period of less than 4 days, he will be charged with a 15 € supplement for the pickup and a 15 € supplement for the return. The same amounts will be charged if the pickup occurs out of office hours.

12. The client will not be charged for:

- Accident report management expenses.

13. Price

The prices shown on our website are indicated for driving the vehicle, solely and exclusively in national territory. If you want to rent the vehicle to drive outside national territory, you should check the price at the nearest office.

14. Others

- The additional driver in rentals of one to eight days will have a cost of €5 and for more than 9 days €10.

- The identification of the driver in penalties derived from the rental will carry a charge of €15 including VAT per penalty.

- In case of cancellation of reservation 6 days in advance there will be no penalty and the amount delivered will be refunded, from 5 to 3 days there will be a penalty of 50% and less than 2 days 100%

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